Do you offer your services?

I offer consultations for those who want a one-on-one session.  I highly recommend that you complete the How-To Guide prior as you’ll most probably find your answer there.  

How do I arrange an online consult?

Best way is to send an email direct to me.  Click here for details.

How do I arrange a face to face consult?

These are offered on a case by case basis.  Costs & availability depend on the location and travel expenses involved.  But hey you know me, if you want to send me on a holiday to see you … I am there (where humanly possible).

Do you offer your design + building services?

Yes, send an email to find out more

Can I purchase through Shop The Look?

You sure can, but not directly with SOUL Home.  You will find all the links direct to the suppliers where you can purchase.  And where possible, please tell the supplier you are coming from SOUL Home.


How long do the guides go for? Do I have to complete it in a certain time?

You can take as long as you want to complete the course. Binge or take your own sweet time.

How long do I have access to the guides?

Once you’ve bought the guide, it’s yours to keep for a lifetime. And the great news is that when we add new content, you’ll have access to that as well. We want to look after our Soul Mates.

Can I have the course all at once?

Absolutely, we provide the course all at once so you can choose how you move through the content.

I am not good with tech. Can I download and print the guides?

You sure can. You can download and print off each of the modules, and any extra work sheets, spreadsheets and extras sheets so you can digest them in print format. The course has been designed in magazine style to view online as well as in print format.

What is the best way to view the guides?

Viewing online is the easiest way. You download all the modules and extras sheets and read them as double page spreads – magazine style. And of course, in some of the guides, there’s video content to view online too.

Are the guides in realtime or pre-recorded?

The guide are not delivered as a series of real-time lectures. They are mostly a written course (supported by video content) and will be kept up-to-date with new content added when needed. This content will be provided to those who have already purchased the course.

Can I share the guides with others?

We are all for sharing – mostly – but not for your guides. Each guide should only be used by the person who signs up for it.

What happens when I register for an upcoming guide?

You will go onto our register which means you will be the first to know when it opens, and a heads up, there is always an opening offer.


What is a HPO?

This is our SOUL Home created nickname. It means Holiday Property Owner. Maybe we should add WTB-HPO to the mix. Want-To-Be Holiday Property Owner. We’ll make you all very welcome!

What will I learn? What will I gain from the guide?

You will learn everything there is to know about being an HPO and turning your holiday property into a business. It starts with what to look for in a property, making sure council regulations will allow you to do what you want to do, knowing who your target market is and then every step of the way from concepting, creating and completing your vision through to how to sell the lifestyle to your market. Of course there are styling tips and tricks and building hacks in the course, but it’s not designed as a styling course. It’s designed to be the ultimate How-To Guide to creating a successful holiday rental property business, and that means looking at the business nuts and bolts as well as the creative side of things.

I don’t own a holiday property yet. Why is the course still relevant to me?

Because it will save you lots of time, energy and money in trying to source all of the information you’ll need before you start on your journey as an HPO. It is the depth and breadth of information I wish I’d had before I started. Before you buy your property is actually the very best time to do the course so you are equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to start.

I already have a holiday property. Is this just for very beginners?

The guide is designed for everyone. If you’ve already started on your journey as an HPO, there is still lots of information to take away, especially in Modules 5,6 and 7. It’s about elevating your property to a whole new level and making it stand out from others in your area. It’s about making changes to deliver exceptional experiences for your guests, refining your target market, attracting extra income outside of just selling accommodation, crafting your story, reaching media and your market through PR, social media and networking, and so much more.

I want to rent my own house out as a holiday property. Is this guide relevant?

Yes. We share everything you’ll need to know to do this. You might not be starting from scratch, but you will learn what to expect, what to check with council, how to make your property stand out, and how to create a lifestyle that you don’t need a holiday from.

Why would I do your course over someone else's?

There is no other course like mine. It’s as simple as that. It’s the course I wish I’d had before I started out. It didn’t exist then, and other than for the SOUL How-To Guide For Holiday Property Owners, it doesn’t exist now. You will learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to make them too. You’ll have access to every step of the way to creating a successful holiday property rental business from my first-hand experience. It’s the roadmap to how I sold out SOUL of Gerringong a year in advance within a few weeks of opening our doors and information I’ve shared with successful HPOs around the country. As well, you’ll have access to a whole bunch of experts I’ve called on who share their knowledge too – from social media, PR and making extra income from your property to tax, finance, insurance and more.

Do you provide your contact lists and suppliers?

We sure do. Our Black Book is full of my preferred suppliers with the fabulous discounts I’ve organised exclusively for How-To Guide classmates. And contacts for every expert who is in the course are included in our reference guide as well.

Do you offer support throughout the guide?

Not for all of the guides as they are super easy to follow.

But for our How-To Guide for HPOs, we have our exclusive Facebook HPO Community group. It’s where you can ask questions, bounce ideas, find solutions and interact with other HPOs or want-to-be HPOs who are working through the guide alongside you. I’ll be there too of course together with experts I’ll be inviting into the conversation.

How do you join the SOUL HOME community?

You instantly become part of our community when you purchase the How-To Guide for HPO’s. To join, head over to the Facebook page.

Why do I want to be part of the SOUL Home HPO Community?

 It’s where you can ask questions, bounce ideas, find solutions and interact with other HPOs or want-to-be HPOs who are doing the course alongside you. I’ll be there too of course.

What exactly is a SOUL Stay?

It is where I come and stay at your property (usually with my family) to experience your holiday property first hand.  I provide you with exposure through my network together with a feature on the SH Website.  Click here for more.

Why do I want a SOUL Stay?

It allows you to promote your property to my network of both like-minded HPO’s and prospective guests.  If you upgrade to the SOUL Stay you will also receive direct feedback.

What is the difference between a basic SOUL Stay and SOUL Stay & Consult?

The basic SOUL Stay I come and stay, promote as well as a feature on the website.  The SOUL Stay & Consult is where I provide you an overview/consult of the experience.  From what is great about it, to what could elevate your property through to what your key message and holiday feeling is all about.

How do I book in a SOUL Stay?

Click here to arrange … I will start packing my bags.

I am not a HPO or plan on becoming one. Should I be here?

Absolutely. SOUL Home is all about inspiring and sharing everything that we have learned and know with everyone.  The more the merrier I say.