Create a community where the door is open.  This is my purpose.

For the first time in a very long time, I feel like I’ve realised my life’s purpose. 

I have had some amazing experiences in my life to date, but something has been missing.  I love my job as an interior designer and holiday property owner as well as my full time job as a mother and wife.  But I was still searching for the final piece of my puzzle.

You may have heard of love languages?  If not, there are different ways that you show love from physical touch to words of affirmation to quality time.  For me, it is acts of service.  I love to do things for people and share advice and help.  And this is why I am absolutely frickin’ loving everything that SOUL Home is about.

I want to create a platform where I can share everything that I know.   A place where I can offer my help and expertise from a building/design background, a frequent traveler and most importantly a holiday property owner.  And create a community where the door is open. This is my purpose.

When we first purchased what is now SOUL of Gerringong I didn’t know where to begin.  There are very limited resources out there.  So I weaved my way through and ended up on the other side with a lot of lessons along the way. 

My goal is for you to have the knowledge and tools that I wish I had when we first started.  I will be calling in the experts to share everything they know.  I will be calling on you to share your experiences.  And of course I will be sharing my experiences as we continue on our path.

I want you to know that it is me behind the computer and sometimes in the front of the camera.  And this is not something (in front of the camera) that comes naturally to me.  But I know that we all love to know the story behind the story, so bear with me as I learn.

My goal is to bring you fresh, valuable and real content every month.  I want you to have resources to turn to … from our online courses to workshops to interviews with people that inspire you.  What you won’t find here is a ‘instafake’ world.  I will be sharing the good, the bed and the in-between.

And just like all of us, I want to create a lifestyle I am proud of.  Where I can get the work/life balance right for my family and me.   I have been working around the clock to get this off the ground for the past 6 months so it is time to reset my lifestyle balance.  I will try my absolute best to reply to your emails, your comments on social media or book in consults and a SOUL stay.  But if I am unable to reply straight away or happen to miss your comment, please know that I am only human.

I have been blown away with the support to date.  Thank you, truly, thank you!  When you send those comments or the emails to say I have inspired you on your own journey … that is when I know I am exactly where I am suppose to be.

I am pumped ‘to get this show on the road’.  I look forward to interacting and inspiring each and everyone of you.   Holiday property owners, holiday goers or anyone who needs that holiday feeling inspiration … let’s create our SOUL Home community together.

Simone x