It was at this point that I realised as much as I can plan my whole life out, it doesn’t always go to plan and that this can be for the good.
My world has a blue tone to it … with 4 boys and my husband it truly is a boys world!

I use to be one of those people who had a plan and I would make it happen.   Coming from a family of 4 girls, boys were never in my plan. So when my first son Marley was born I was like ‘ok one for dad’.  Next came Archie … I needed to find out the gender before he was born to prepare myself if it was a boy. This was when I thought what is happening?  I love my boys very much but they just weren’t part of my plan. At this point I was still ok, as I knew we would definitely be having another baby. Tully was our third boy … and this is where I really felt like how could this be happening?  Girls were always part of my life plan … and now I am a mother of 3 boys immersed in the world of cars, trucks & any kind of balls (the sporting balls).

So my life with 3 boys was where I found myself … it was a learning curve in those younger years (& still is).   It was at this point that I realised as much as I can plan my whole life out, it doesn’t always go to plan and that this can be for the good.   Again, at this point when I really started to embrace my gorgeous 3 boys and have a new outlook on trusting the universe to deliver what you need … I accidently fell pregnant!  Now EVERYONE was telling me it is going to be a girl, it is meant to be, you are destined to be a mother of a girl. But you know what? I knew deep down that I was having another boy, and I was happy and trusted that the universe was going to give a beautiful boy.  Call it a mother’s intuition, along came our final son, Koah.

My life is blessed.  A truly amazing husband and dad and my 4 gorgeous healthy boys.  What I found and still find really fascinating, is other peoples reaction to my family.   If I had a dollar for everytime someone says to me ‘oh 4 boys, you poor thing’, I would have SOUL properties in every state by now.  It is lucky that I am in a good place with my family dynamics, because if I wasn’t society would of bought me down to think that there is something wrong with my world.  It is not that people are trying to be cruel; it is just a reaction that has become acceptable. You know the rhyme … ‘What are little girls made of? Sugar and space and everything nice’ then ‘What are boys made of? Snips and snails and puppy-dog tails’.

So today here we are on holidays up in sunny QLD.  Our days consists of surfing, paddle boarding and football as well as tackling, fighting & tears .  Life is loud, hectic and amazingly fulfilled!

So you might ask why I am starting this journey with the story of my boy world, right?  I am sharing this as I want you to see that whatever you may be doing, setting up a holiday house, going on holidays or wanting to have that holiday vibe around you at home … that it might not go all to your plan. Well just like my family, when things don’t go to your plan you might find that it will turn out to be so much more than your original plan.

Believe in yourself, the universe and make the most of what you have.

Simone x