The SOUL How-to Guide has changed the way we view our little shack. We’ve been open for over 18 months and learning the ins and outs along the way. Knee deep in major upgrades, I signed up for the guide, and we haven’t looked back.

It’s been an invaluable resource. Answering the many questions we had, and ones we didn’t know we had yet, from identifying our target market to curating an amazing experience to enhancing our website. I’ve set up much better management systems that allow us to create the lifestyle we’ve dreamed of. With the bonus of the Little Black Book, we’ve been able to purchase pieces to create an even more cosy, relaxed vibe. But with such great discounts, I’m anticipating making much better use of this resource in future. Such gold!


I’ve loved being part of the SOUL community, sharing the pain and the passion of owning a holiday property with this wonderfully supportive group and learning from our collective experiences.

Karen Johnson