Chelsea from EQ Consulting

Self-care isn’t selfish, and it is so vital that we take care of ourselves every day.


Is there a particular destination that conjures up a holiday-feeling for you, and why?

Noosa. As much as I love international travel, I feel very blessed being born and bred in Australia. I feel incredibly nostalgic whenever I travel home, and our favourite destination in Australia is Noosa. Being a newbie to surfing, Noosa has incredible beaches, cafes, and boutiques. Noosa also has a beautiful trail run and if you are lucky you can spot a Koala on your walk, run or ride.

Describe that perfect space on holidays… is it at a resort with a stash of good books, a preference for off grid, or other?

Perfect holiday space for me is a retreat destination with my immediate family or a good group of girlfriends. Otherwise, any destination where there is nature, ocean or a ski field! I have some ‘non-negotiable’s’ in my life. One boundary is taking a scheduled holiday with my family every 6 weeks. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it can be a local spot where we will surf, hike, exercise, read a great fiction novel, have a massage etc. During this break, I don’t take my phone or computer. It allows me to connect in with my family and friends. It also keeps my brain healthy and recharges my mental health.

I try to never take my health or life for granted, so I spend a lot of my time investing in memories and exploring new destinations with the people who I love the most.

As a business woman who’s always inspiring, and pepping others to move forward to meet their goals – where do you find your own inspiration, and how do you manage your work/life balance?

Firstly, Thank you for this beautiful comment. I feel very blessed to be doing the work that I do with raising mental health awareness across the globe.

After experiencing an intense Post Natal Depression episode personally, I realigned my life to how I wanted to ‘feel’ moving forward into the future. Success now looks to me, ‘Feeling calm, being present and energised.’ To manage my PhD studies, company EQ, charity work and most importantly being an emotionally available mother, wife and good friend the work/life harmony has to flow. A few boundaries I have in place to achieve this are:A

  • Scheduled breaks: I go off the grid Tuesdays and Sundays: This means no technology on, I spend the day with my family, and we are usually in nature and being active. Then, every 6 weeks I schedule a holiday (remember this doesn’t have to be expensive, and it’s also effective if you just go away for a weekend).
  • Exercise: Physical activity is vital for my mental wellbeing. It is part of my daily life. If I’m at home on the South Coast, my morning will always start off with a bike ride with Clara sitting on the back. We will ride to the beach, have a coffee (and milk for her!) and this is when we practice our gratitude. If I’m on the road travelling, I always pack my joggers. I’ll go for a run, or do a HITT session at the hotel. I prefer to be outside, weather permitting. I also recently took up surfing a year ago. I find this is not only making me physically stronger, and I also love what the ocean does to my energy.
  • Sleep: I’m obsessed with sleep. When I had PND I had severe insomnia, so during my studies and research, I became fascinated with good sleep hygiene. I now get off all screens 30 minutes before bed (so it doesn’t impact my melatonin or Deep REM sleep), I’m in bed by 930pm, the room is dark, quiet and cool and I usually have some form of magnesium before sleep to aid in deep rest.
  • Meditation: Meditation has quite literally changed my life. Knowing the clinical science with how it decreases my anxiety by physically decreasing the size of my amygdala (where stress and anxiety sits in the brain) this is another non-negotiable for me. It is a necessity in my life to shut down, kick back and meditate. I meditate for 20 minutes twice per day. It also dramatically sharpens up my focus, memory and creativity. Without my meditation practice, I am 100% certain that my business wouldn’t be as successful as it is today.
  • Nutrition: The secret to keeping my life balanced is eating healthy. We eat a whole foods diet in our house. Neuroscience research proves that our GUT is our second brain. My body really thanks me when I eat whole foods, gluten free and dairy free lifestyle. I also am someone who advocates balance. Therefore I have a mid-morning coffee (long black) and also like a Shiraz or French champagne on a Friday evening. However, I will also stop at 2 drinks. Reason being is the science proves that any more than 2 alcoholic drinks impacts our Deep REM sleep, and as you guys know, I’m obsessed about sleep!
  • Charity: Charity work keeps me balanced in terms of level headed and grateful. It has been a wonderful teacher as it forces me to continually step outside my own ego and puts things in perspective. After going through my own suicidal experience with PND, I have since made it my life long mission to help others in greater need. It gives me purpose, meaning and a legacy.

If only we all could bottle up that feeling while on holidays. Do you have a top tip that everyone should incorporate into their working week, to continue to be energised and motivated?

Life is all about balance. A tilt between busyness and calm. It is important to realise that we don’t always need to be ‘getting stuff done.’ Self-care isn’t selfish, and it is so vital that we take care of ourselves every day. As the saying goes ‘We can’t pour from an empty cup.’ One tangible tool that people could begin daily that doesn’t require a huge time commitment is practising 30 seconds of gratitude.

Mindfulness and gratitude go hand in hand. When you are really tuned in and being grateful in the moment, you are less likely to be swept up in the past, caught up in reactivity or focused on the future. You can appreciate life for how good it really is.