Big Wednesday | Crescent Head

Cool & Retro

Easter 2019 | Whole Family | 7 Days

First Impressions

After already staying at the sister property, Wynola, I knew that we were in for some fun.  When we pulled into the property, it was instant feel good vibes. The bright blue exterior colour to the location.  It was smiles all round.

Then when you opened the door you are hit with an overload of colour and fun!  Bianca had created another amazing fun holiday property.

The House

Big Wednesay is not a huge property but there is a sense of space.  There are 3 guest rooms. We took the property at the front that is located off the dining room, Marley gained his own room which also had access to the front deck.  The third bedroom had two queen beds … a coin was tossed and the two younger boys shared the bed.  

The living room and dinign room were located in the moddl of the bedrooms.  

The kitchen just made you feel good. It is the original kitchen that had been hand painted.  Out the back was a mud room with the toilet on one side and the bathroom on the other. This space was my fave.  The pop of colour in the penny rounds to the change room style timber swing door on the shower. I just loved it.

And of course can’t forget the outdoor shower!

The Styling

The styling is fun.  It felt like we were in Hawaii in the 80’s!  The Hot tuna red ottoman would be something you think couldn’t work, but it just did.  The surfboard hanging up gave that surf vibe. The built in seat and coloured fabric. It all shouldn’t technically work but it completely did.

Outside I spent a lot of time in the hanging chair, the perfect touch.

And the boys loved the beach toys and umbrella in the mud room that not only were useful but looked stylish here.

We loved

The hawaiin coastal fun vibe.  We all wanted to watch the movie Big Wednesday that the property is named after, it was pretty cool watching the movie whilst staying here.

The boys loved the surfobards that were under the house and the cool retro bikes.

I loved and could appreciated the effort that had been taken to keep to the quintessential beach shack vibe.  

And the location!!!

The Neighbourhood

The location was a big standout!  Being to Crescent before (and a fave location of Bens from his days travelling around Australia ) we knew how good this location was.  Literally a 2 minute walk down to the beach for a surf or a float/swim in the river.  

And located opposite the shops were the famous bakery is. Seriously everyone lines up here for the vanilla slices.  You have to try … or simply just watch the people flock here.

Crescent Head is a coastal time that is back in time, and that is the appeal.  You can choose from dinner at the pub, or at the bowling club … or perhaps drinks at bingo at the surf club.  

We had friends staying here as well so we would stroll the streets and choose whatever we felt like doing.  It really is a chilled out coastal holiday.